General Information


The pool and clubhouse are open from 5:00AM to 10:00 PM.
To reserve the clubhouse, call our Property Management Company.
The pool may not be reserved.  For safety and legal reasons, the pool gate must NEVER be blocked open.
KEY –  Each resident is issued a key that opens the pool gate, clubhouse door, front gates and north gate by Lot 4.  Please make sure they are closed and locked when you leave.  You may ask our Property Management Company for a second key at a nominal price.

Trash is picked up every Thursday. Recycling is picked up every other Thursday.
Please put cans out no earlier than 6:00 PM on Wednesday evening.
Put cans away by 8:00 PM on Thursday. For special Holiday schedules
click on “Holiday Collection Schedule” here: Holiday Schedules
Please sweep the stones from the street after the trash is picked up as they can become imbedded in the asphalt.
Trash and recycling containers should be left by curb, never on street and should be stored out of sight of the street and your neighbors.
There is a recycling center in Udall Park for glass containers.
Brushy & Bulky is picked up every 6 months.
For more information, follow this link: Brushy & Bulky Rules and Schedules
For information about the recycling schedule follow this link:

Vactor ranch is a “pet friendly” neighborhood. We love our four legged friends.
Please be a good neighbor and pick up after your pet. Also, please keep your pets on a leash and do not allow their barking to disturb your neighbors.  It is the law in the City of Tucson and you agreed to our CC&R’s in Section 2.06 that your pet will not be a nuisance, so barking can lead to fines.

The speed limit in Vactor Ranch is 20 MPH. Please observe that limit for the safety of all residents.

Yard Waste
Please do not throw clippings over your wall.

Electric Gates at Main Entrance
When a visitor calls from the Entry Gate call box (not their cell phone), press and hold “9” on your telephone to allow entry.
You can arrange with our Property Management Company for these incoming calls from the call box to permanently go to any phone, including your cell phone.
When using the touch pad to enter, press # before your entry code.  NEVER give out your main code.  You can get another code for workers and guests from the Property Management Company.
For more on Call Box Codes, Clickers and Keys, in PDF, click HERE
Opening for Special Events:  See this PDF Special Gate Opening Procedures